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Alexey Lopukhov а.к.а  ICE


Dancer, Choreographer, Composer, Music Producer

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Dance History

i was inspired by Michael Jackson's music video in 1990. I started to watch it over and over. I was so obsessed so my parents found a dance school with similar dance style i was looking for.

I spend 6 years studying dance basics and technics. Cause of information luck all my education was not quite right, but it gave me the basic principals of how body can move.

From 1998 till 2007 i was a dancer in dance school "RESONANCE" after a while i became a choreographer for some shows we did. It still was not enough for me so i started to learn Break Dance. in 1999 i createв acrobatic  dance crew "EAST POWER". Despite that it felt like something was missing, some knowledges was needed to put puzzle together.

  In 2004 i met Alexandr Rogozins (Alex Russo) he explained to me what is Freestyle , Improvisation, taught me basic steps of various dance styles and suddenly it exposed to me the whole new world of creativity.    

  2004-2007 was hardest years in my dance career. I spent 6-9 hours almost every day, mastering moves and steps, improvisation basics, creating variations for every move i had. Popping, Locking, House, Hip-Hop became my main direction to develop my self as a professional dancer. I had a strong belief that the more time i will spend in dance class the less will be the gap of skills between me and the world leading dancers. They had all they were needed when they made a decision to grow as a dancers, while our country had nothing. 

  in 2007 i moved to Moscow and started to work at Russian leading Alla Dukhova's dance school and ballet "TODES" Season 2007-2009.

  The year 2008th became a game change. Me and my teacher/partner Alex Russo won the Juste-Debout  Nordic (Finland) that allowed us to be first Russians at Juste-Debout finals which being held in Paris. Right after that i won Hip-Hop International Russia, then i went to Las Vegas where i took 3rd place. When i came back to Moscow i started to teach locking dance classes.

   From 2015 till now im living and dancing in Shanghai. I do choreography  for various world famous brands and developing my self as a music producer



- Teaching experience since  2000 года.


- Founder of the project «East Power Crew»

   acrobatic Break Show. 


-Creator of a unique author's educational program for

  choreographers and dancers DMS- Dance Music School       


- Creator of the author's training program for dancers          

    "Rock Your Body"

Things happend


- - From 2000 to 2006  was the choreographer of the team "East Power", in the framework of the project 5 years of teaching at the school of dance East Power.


- Part of the Studio of modern choreography “Resonance " from 1998 to 2007.


- 2005  Participant of parade-procession within the framework of Dalian fashion festival


- Season 2007-2008, 2013-2014 was a teacher of ballet and Alla Dukhova's Studio "TODES"  


- Invited guest as an expert on the body of the project "Dancing without rules 2" 2008.


- The 2008-2009 season was the teacher of the Laboratory of dance M-357


- Participant of the project “ battle for Respect 2 ” 2009.


- Judge at Tv shoe " Battle for Respect – Start today ” 2009.

- Organizer of the Summer dance and educational camp

   "DMS Summer Dance Camp" 2010, 2011 ,2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017г.

Me and Breaking


- 2005  ”Best Show".  Khabarovsk "East Power Battle “

- 2003  1st place, best show. Irkutsk championship of Siberia and the

               far East "Baikal Battle"


- 2002  1st place, best of show. Komsomolsk-on -Amur championship

               of the far East “Urban”


 - 2001  1st place , best of show. Vladivostok the championship

               of the far East The “ steps”


since 2008, i did more than 400 workshops and seminars in Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia.

I teach :


1. Locking

2. Popping


3. Hip-Hop


4. Jazz Rock


5. Stepping (Body percussion)


5. "Dance Structure" Lecture + Practice


6. "Rock Your Body". developing body course


7. Vibes


8. DMS Practice/ Exercise


9. Techniques and moves for Dub Step music.

Турция 2011
Самара 2008
Красноярск 2012
Tommy the Clown
Tony Go Go (USA Japan)
Suga Pop (USA)
STORM (Germany)
Show Time
Pascal Jimmy
Popping Pete (USA)
P-Lock (France)
Mich (France)
Mr. Wiggles
Loic and Manu
Junior Boogaloo
Junior Almaida (France)
J Rock (USA)
JUNIOR (France)
Hugo (USA)
Hilty and Bosh
HHI 3rd Place
Go Go Brothers
East Power Crew
Gemeny (France)
Don Campbellock, The Lockers (USA)
DJ Renegate (UK)
Byron (France)
Boogallo Sam, Electric Boogaloos (USA)
Briant Green (USA)
Chack Maldonado



2017 Shanghai, Chanel 20th Aniversary


2016 Shanghai, BMW Champion Night


2016 Fuzhou, AB In Bev,


2016 Changsha, Mixx Tail.

2015 Shanghai, Honda night,

2015 Jack Daniels tour 2015

2015 Shanghai,  Nespresso – Lattissima Touch 

2015 Shanghai, Music Video “Eppi - Smile”


2014 Shanghai, La Prairie. 

2014 Paris, Short Movie “Dance Stories – Quantum Souls”,

2013 Italy, Short Movie “Dance Stories – Real Game”

People saw me here


USA, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York

France, Paris

Italy, Rimini, Rome, Venice, Florence, Sardegna,

Forte dei Marmi

Germany, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin

Czech republic, Prague

Finland, Helsinki 

Switzerland, Geneve

Estonia, Tallinn 

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

China, Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Harbin, Guanzhou,..

Korea, Seoul

Hong Kong

Africa, Marocco, Marrakech  

Holland, Amsterdam

Greece, Athens, Corfu  

Turkey, Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya,

Bulgaria, Kranevo, Varna

Belorussia, Минск

Ukraine, Киев, Сумы, Евпатория, Крым, Запорожье, Харьков, Донецк

Russia, Москва, С-Петербург, Сочи, Хабаровск , Владивосток, Благовещенск, Нерюнгри, Иркутск, Красноярск, Новосибирск, Волгоград, Зеленоград, Самара, Н. Новгород, Казань, Екатеринбург, Новокузнецк, Якутск, Юж. Сахалинск, Камчатка, Магадан...



The Battles i've won

2016.11 Sochi, "TODES battle" Grand Prix of the festival              

2014.11 Nizhny Novgorod," TODES battle " Grand Prix of the festival                             

2013.11 Moscow "Locking Up" 

                Winner of the "Best Locker 2013" Locking Up Awards.


2013.09 Moscow FESTIVAL "Moscow I" - DANCE BATTLE

               The winner of the Locking.


2013.03 Moscow "Hip-Hop international Cup of Russia".

               The winner of the Locking. 


2012.10 St. Petersburg " Soul City Fest"

               The winner of the Locking.


2012.03 Moscow "Hip-Hop international Cup of Russia".

               The winner of the Locking.


2012.03 Paris (France) Juste Debut. 

               Member of the 1/8 final Locking 2x2.


2012.02 Helsinki (Finland).

               The winner of Juste Debout Finland in the category of Locking 2x2.


2011.10 Tallinn (Estonia) "Baltic Session".

              The winner in the Locking 2x2 nomination.


2010.03 Paris (France)"Juste Debut".

               Participant 1/4 final Locking 2x2.


2010.03 Paris (France)" Juste Debut".

               Member of the 1/8 final Hip–Hop 2x2.


2010.01 Helsinki (Finland)"Juste Debut Finland". 

              The winner in the Hip-Hop 2x2 nomination.


2010.01 Helsinki (Finland)"Juste Debut Finland".

              The winner in the Locking 2x2 nomination.


2009.06 Moscow "Street Energy".

               The winner in the Hip-Hop 2x2 nomination.


2009.03 Moscow "Hip-hop international Cup of Russia".

              The winner of the Locking


2008.12 Zelenograd"the Battle Specific Styles".

              The winner of the Popping.


2008.08 Las Vegas (USA) The world Championship

               "Hip-Hop International". 3e place in the Locking nomination.


2008.05 Moscow "Electro Galaktika".

              The winner of the Locking.


2008.03 Moscow "Hip-Hop international Cup of Russia".

               The winner of the Locking.


2008.03 Paris (France)"Juste Debut".

              Member of the 1/8 final Locking 2x2.


2008.01 Helsinki (Finland)"Juste Debut Finland".

              The winner in the category Locking 2x2.


2007.12 Moscow "Funk on the Rock".

              The winner of the Locking.


2007.11 Moscow "team'KA".

              The winner in the category Locking, (7 to Smoke).


2007.10 Zelenograd. The winner of the Locking.


2007.01 Irkutsk "Baikal Battle".

              The winner in the categories Locking, House, Popping.


2006. Grand Prix of the far Eastern festival "Student Spring".


2004. Grand Prix of the far Eastern festival "Student Spring".


2003. Grand Prix of the far Eastern festival "Student Spring".


2002. Grand Prix of the far Eastern festival "Student Spring".


2001. Grand Prix of the far Eastern festival "Student Spring".